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Green and Purple Wayuu Mochila
Wayuu Mochila, one cotton thread. Handmade by women of the Siapan...

Colombian Sombrero in Colors
Vueltiao Colombian Hat handmade with colored caña flecha straw. C...


Crochet & Cotton Hammock
Handmade Crochet hammock made in 100% cotton....


Silver Colombian Filigree Necklace
Necklace with silver filigree pieces, comes with swarovsky crysta...

Ann Chery Waist Cincher 3 hook
Ann Chery Waist Cincher. Ideal for daily use and special ocasions...


Chest Necklace with Chaquiras
Chest Necklace with multicolor Chaquiras, completely handmade....


Colombia is geographically privileged, because it is in the strategic corner of latinamerica, it is the only country in South America that has shores in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Colombia have all thermic levels and one of the greatest biodiversities of the world. Its exportable offer is immensely varied and supported by a modern and high capacity sea and air infrastructure.




The colombian fauna is immensely varied because of the convergence of the two oceans, the different thermic levels of the Andes mountain range and the extensive plains and tropical forests. There are almost 3000 species of mammals, a lot of reptiles, fishes and frogs in Colombia; from the insects, we can highlight, because of their beauty and size, the butterflies of Muzo, considered as a trophy for the collectors from all around the world; but in the colombian fauna, the species which has the biggest variety are the birds, because the third part of these species live in Colombia.


The rich variety of craftsmanship comes from the different cultural traditions and the variety of raw material. The Indians hand made baskets with fibers such as palms, fique, straw, sparto, cotton and junco, they come principally from Chocó, the Atlantic coast and the east part of Colombia, places where the Indians communities still subsist. The popular Sombrero Vueltiao made with straw is the most representative typical product of Colombia.





In the Guajira region, northeast of the country in the Caribbean coast, there is the Wayuu community which comes from many centuries ago. The structure of representation of this culture integrates a series of important deities into their mythical universe and they put this cosmogony in their craftmamship. Beautiful woolen Wayuu Mochilas are world famous for their colorful and artful representation in cotton.




Colombia is known worldwide for the high quality of its clothing manufacturing and textile products. Of the highest regard are the world famous colombian girdles and swimwear. Incomparable designs and  durable products are exported by the millions of units to markets in North America, Europe and Asia to be weared by the most demanding customers.















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