About us

Productos de Colombia.com S.A.S. is a company that has as main objective the promotion and commercialization of colombian products in the international markets. We may also serve as agents of supplier companies once it has been established contact with potential buyers.

We offer a series of services to companies in Colombia and buyers of their products using e-commerce.

You will find in Products of Colombia.com a wide variety of products manufactured by colombian companies. If you are interested in the products that are shown in our online catalogues you can buy them online for retail or wholesale, we ship worldwide with FedEx or Express Mail Service EMS. For wholesale or big volume orders of products you wish to purchase for your business, please contact us and we will reply soon. Our website has english and spanish versions, in order to help colombian companies to expand their marketplace.

Products of Colombia.com is the virtual comunity of colombian products and suppliers!