Colombian Wood

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The sector of forestry products and wood extraction in Colombia represents 0.2% of the national GIP and the 1.1% of the farming GIP, forestry, hunt and fish, showing little development as opposed to the other activities of the land. Whereas the farming surface of the country considered in 50 million hectares, 72% are destined to the cattle activity,16% that is 8 million hectares, are destined to natural and planted forests.

According to information reported by the FAO, Colombia occupies an industrial role producing wood in position 41 in the world and participates with 0.2% of the total of the world production. In the international context, this market is concentrated, because the ten greatest producers in the world generate 72% of wood supply. The United States, the biggest producer, has 27% of the world-wide production, followed by Canada with 11,5%.

The wood production sawed in Suramérica ascends to 29 million cubic meters that are equivalent to 7% worldwide. In South America, Brazil and Chile are the most important producers with 61% and 19% respectively. Colombia, with 915,000 cubic meters occupies position 40 in the world-wide sawed wood production and participates with 3% of the total of the region.

By economic regions, the ALCA generates 38% of the world-wide production, influenced basically by the participation of the GASOLINE (32%), because the MERCOSUR generates a 5%. On the other hand, the EU participates with 23% of wood the world-wide board production.

In South America the wood board production ascends approximately to 11 million cubic meters, being Brazil and Chile the biggest producers of the region with 75% and 11%, respectively. Colombia that occupies position 51 at world-wide level like wood board producer, reaches a volume of 205,700 cubic meters that represent 2% of the production of the region * source agrocadenas.gov.co


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