Colombian Tobacco

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The tobacco chain in colombia is composed by two links, the first, which it is related to the primary sector and is conformed by the blond and black tobacco leaves without desvenar or desnervar. The second link contains all products elaborated with base in the tobacco leaves, like cigarettes of blond and black tobacco, the pure cigarettes and the tobacco to smoke.

In 2003 in Colombia there were 13,451 hectares cultivated with tobacco, 0.35% of the total surface cultivated in Colombia. 26,332 tons were obtained from this area, of which near 51% corresponded to the different types from blond tobacco and 49% rest from the black tobacco, Garcia type and Cubita. Between the 1998 and 2003 the area cultivated with tobacco every year, in average was 14,510 hectares, from which were generated more than 2.5 million wages per year.

Colombia has all the suitable characteristics to develop a tobacco industry. In the first place it counts on a climatic wealth that allows different varieties of tobacco in almost all the national territory; in addition, the presence of plagues is almost null in comparison with other countries. The tobacco zones are in the departments that have warm climates: Bolivar, Magdalena, Tolima and specially Santander, that produces more than half of the colombian tobacco.

I the world, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Omán and China, are "highly attractive" markets, because volumes of average imports and respective rates of annual growth, surpass worldwide values (3,129 metric tons). Hong Kong, Cyprus, Singapur, Paraguay and Russia, are considered "potential" markets for colombian tobacco. * source agrocadenas.gov.co


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