Colombian Sugars

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The sugar cane production is located in the geographic valley of the Cauca river that counts on exceptional geographic and environmental conditions for the production and harvests continuous through all the year. The technological advances have allowed to lower the period of harvest from 15 to 12 months of sowing and the established plantation can produce during five consecutive periods. Colombia has the world record of sugar yields by hectare.

The surface seeded in sugar cane in Colombia ascends to 170,000 hectares with an approximated production of 2.5 million tons of sugar. The production has come in constant growth as a result of the demand of the industry for export products. In 2003, the Congress approved a law to stimulate the consumption of biofuels, that is expected to grow even more the sugar cane production.

Colombia exported in 2004 the equivalent of 82% of its consumption, superior to the 29% of 1995. After Brazil, Colombia is the country with better competitive performance in the world. In 2002, the exports of all products of chapter 17 of the harmonized tariff ascended to 1.4 million tons by USD $341 million dollars.

In the case of the crude Sugar, the more important markets for Colombia are Venezuela and the United States, that altogether are receiving more of 60% of the exports that the country does of this product.

Venezuela has been an important partner and constitutes until this moment a stable market, until the point of which the annual rate of growth of imports of Venezuela coming from Colombia has been of 6,8%.


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