Colombian Flowers

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The Colombian flowers have an outstanding place within the preferences of the international consumer because their high quality, colorful, beauty, size and variety. In effect, with these qualities and in only 40 years of activity, the sector has managed to become the second exporter at world-wide level with the participation of 15% in the total commerce, after Holland that counts on a participation of 56%.

The main exported species is the clavel (standard and miniature), followed by the rose, with more of 60% of the exported total. Lately a diversification with more than 50 species has been observed to be exported, receiving importance alstroemeria, crisantemo pompom and the gerbera, among others.

The florícolas exports of Colombia, based on information provided by ASCOLFLORES, began in 1965 with a US $ 20.000 return, but in 2004 this number reached the US $580 million. The United States is the main market of destiny of the Colombian flowers, demanding in 84% of the total of florícolas exports, which is translated in US S472 million and 141,700 tons in aerial transport. The third part corresponds to roses (US $148 million). The second buyer of Colombian flowers is the European Union with a 9.8% of participation in its sales, is to say to US $57 million, where the preferences incline for the clavel (US $34 million). * www.fundacionchile.cl


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