Colombian Coffee

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The plants of Coffee are original from old etiopia in the Republic of Yemen. In 1736, the seeds were taken to Popayán in Colombia and they were kept in a local monastery. It only was in 1835 that took place the first commercial production of colombian coffee. The registries show that the first 60 kg of colombian coffee were exported from Colombia at that time. The first cultures of coffee grew in the zone the west of the country, in "the Santanderes".

The temperatures of growth oscillate between 13 and 26 °C. The coffee plantations occupy altitudes between the level of the sea and the limit of the tropical perpetual snows, that is to about 1,800 m of altitude, the types canephora and liberica grow better below the 900 ms; those of arabica type they prefer superior altitudes.

The most important types of coffee in the international trade is the canephora arabica. In the Western Hemishpere, the arabica is subdivided in: Brazil and Colombia. This robust variety takes place exclusively in the Eastern hemisphere. The most important coffees of Brazil type are Holy, Parana and Rio, the coffees of average type identify by the name of the country or the region of origin: Medellín, Armenia and Manizales of Colombia, for example. In the same way the types canephora and other varieties are identified arabica.

Colombia exports coffee around 560,000 tons per year, the equivalent approximately to 85% of the production. The main international stock market of negotiation of this product is New York.

Colombian Coffee without toasting and without decaffeinating (0901110000), that corresponds to green coffee without decaffeinating, forcefully represents 99.64% of the total of the exports. Nevertheless it is worth to mention that there are other two products: (0901120000) coffee without toasting decaffeinated, and (0901212000) toasted Coffee, without decaffeinating, worn out.

The United States, Germany and Japan, are the main buyers of green coffee with a participation of 64% in the total exported by Colombia, followed in importance order by Canada, Belgium and Luxembourg, Holland (the Netherlands), France, Sweden, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom.

In relation to the exports of other two products, the main buyers of the Colombian coffee without toasting, without decaffeinating are the United States (74%) and Spain (22%); countries that buy toasted Coffee without decaffeinating, are France (40%) and the United States (17%). The exports to France and Spain have important positive rates of growth * source agrocadenas.gov.co


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