Colombian Banana

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The colombian Banana Tree is cultivated in the departments of Antioquia (region of Uraba) and Magdalena. The Banana has a big importance of being a work generator in the county. The industry of the Banana in Colombia generates approximately 22.000 direct works and near 65.000 indirect ones. In addition, the Banana exports represent 30% of the colombian exports without coffee, competing in the first place with the flowers. The United States and the European Union are the destinies of 80% of the colombian exports.

The identifiable product exported of this chain is the Banana Cavendish Valery variety, whose tariff position is 0803001200. For the year 2003, with a total of US$ 386'798,000 in FOB exports corresponding to 1'420,423 tons; the exports of this variety almost represented the 100% of Banana exports of Colombia, growing in volume for period 1995-2002 in 1% and decreasing in price in 1.2%.

According to a study developed by the colombian corporation 'Agrocadenas', "highly attractive" markets can be classified in the countries of Japan, United Kingdom, Argentina, Italy and France, because their buying volumes and rates of annual growth, surpass the worldwide ones, this is: 111,300 metric ton, 2% over the average for the years mentioned. The United States, Germany, China, Russia, Canada and Poland, on the other hand, are considered "potential" markets: although their volume of imports surpasses the world-wide average, their rates of growth are smaller to the registered for rest banana importers in the world. * source agrocadenas.gov.co


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