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Colombia is geographically privileged, because it is in the strategic corner of latinamerica, it is the only country in South America that has shores in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Colombia have all thermic levels and one of the greatest biodiversities of the world. Its exportable offer is variety and supported by a modern and high capacity sea and air infrastructure.


The colombian fauna is immensely varied because of the convergence of the two oceans fauna, the different thermic levels of the Andes mountain range and the extensive plains and tropical forests. There are almost 300 species of mammals, a lot of reptiles, fishes and frogs in Colombia; from the insects, we can highlight, because of their beauty and size, the butterflies of Muzo, considered as a trophy for the collectors from all around the world; but in the colombian fauna, the species which has the biggest variety are the birds, because the third part of these species live in Colombia.

The rich variety of craftsmanship comes from the different cultural traditions and the variety of raw material. The Indians hand made baskets are fibers such as palms, fique, straw, sparto and junco, and they come principally from Chocó, the Atlantic coast and the east part of Colombia, places where the Indians communities still subsist.


In Colombia you can also find coal, petroleum, gas and emeralds which are the most beautiful in the planet. The country's industry is divided in many sectors with an unlimited variety of products, not only the traditional ones from which the country is known, and currently a main Government policy is to promote exportations of all colombian products. One more reason of many to have Colombia as one of the leading providers in the world of all kind of products!

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