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Wood Immunizer and protection  

Protection for wood, Immunizer, Fungicide and Bactericide. Concentrated products designed for protecting wood against funfus, bacteria and insects.


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Inmunizantes y protección para madera - Productos de Colombia

Wood boards immunized with Fungicide

Madera inmunizada y tratada

Wood immunized with Bactericide

Madera inmunizada y tratada

BORTEC - Fungicide & Insecticide - 1 kg bag

Inmunizante de madera, bactericida y fungicida, protección contra hongos de la madera

BORTEC B - Insecticide and Fungicide for Wood: Bortec B is the result of boron compounds chemical reactions, with low toxicity. It is a highly ocncentrated product, soluble in water at recommended dosages. Bortec B is highly effective for wood destroying insect prevention and control, including Termite, lyctus and carpenter ant, among others. It also control some wood rotting growth.
This wood preservative doesn’t produce stain or undesirable odor in treated surfaces. Its active ingredients are approved by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for recommended applications.

Active Ingredients: Inorganic Boron Salts. 90 % min. as H3BO3
Appearance: White Powder.

Odor: None

Solubility In water, at recommended dosages.
Packing: 25 kg bag containing 25 1 kg bags.
Tariff Code:  (under construction)

FUNGAL - Fungicide and Bactericide for timber: Concentraced product, highly soluble in water, designed for temporary protection of wood against fungi, particularly for stain prevention. Its active ingredient, 2-phenyl phenol (or orthophenylphenol) is approved by  United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) under No. 39967-3 and by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) under No. 175.105, 176.170, 176.180, 177.2600, 178.1010 and 178.3120 for its use in specified applications.

USING FUNGAL - Product must be diluted in water prior to its use, with a final concentration between 1% and 9% (1 to 9 parts of product per 100 parts of water). A higher percentage should be chosen when wood it processed in warmer climate. Also, when application system is spray or brush instead of dipping tank. Wood must be 100% free of infection prior to aplication of product.

Appearance: Orange / Brown Liquid

Active Ingredients: Active Ingredient: 2-Phenylphenol (Orthophenylphenoll)

Specific Gravity: 1.1
Solubility: in water, at recommended dosages.
Packing: Polyethylene (plastic) container with 20 kg / 44 lb net content.
Tariff Code: (under construction)